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Signature Loans are one of the easiest loans to qualify for. As long as you have 6 months of verifiable income and a valid Oklahoma I.D., you are more than halfway qualified for a Signature Loan.  Repayment can vary from 1 month to 10 months and is based on the amount you borrow whether it is a $100 Post Dated Check loan all the way up to a $3,400.00 Signature Loan.  Payments are then made each month until your loan is paid in full or you have the option to renew your loan.

Do I qualify?

  • Do you have 6 months of verifiable income?
  • Do you have an Oklahoma state issued I.D. or Drivers License?

If you answered YES! to both of these questions, apply online today, and get the money you need!

We offer Signature Loans with NO collateral up to $3,400.00 and $100 Post Dated Check Loans as well!


No matter the situation, Signature Loans are the safest consumer loan on the market. All that our lenders ask for is that you Qualify.  When you need money to get you by, a short term Signature Loan could be the best solution for you.  Traditionally, banks DO NOT make small consumer loans. Cash Advances on Credit Cards can get expensive very quickly and Pay Day loans only work for you if you plan to pay back the full amount in two weeks. The only other alternative for consumers are Signature Loans.

How it works?

Submit our small loan application online and one of our qualified lenders will contact you within 20 minutes of receiving your application at the number you provided. It’s that simple! We strive to provide you with the fastest loan approval, the utmost confidentiality, the friendliest service with the dignity and respect YOU deserve!

All applications are processed Monday through Friday, 9:00AM to 5:00PM CST. Applications submitted after 5:00PM Monday through Friday will be processed at 9:00AM the following full business day, except during some Federal and Scheduled Closed Holidays.

What do I need to bring in order to finish my loan?

We DO NOT require collateral of ANY kind!

After you have been Approved, our lenders may ask that you bring in the following to complete your application process:

  • 1.  6 months of Verifiable Income (Check stub, SSI letter, Retirement Check)
  • 2.  Proof of Residence (Utility Bills in your name work best)
  • 3.  A Valid Oklahoma ID or Driver’s License
  • 4.  A SMILE!

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